INTE 5670: Webinar Projects

Short-form individual webinar: “Tips on Incorporating Music into E-Learning”

This was a recording of a live Zoom webinar for the Webinars & Synchronous Learning class. I made a simple slide presentation using Adobe Captivate with Creative Commons images and some licensed music under fair use guidelines. Having worked in the creative areas of television production, I enjoyed developing and delivering this webinar. It also gave me an opportunity to expand on the knowledge I had gathered for my INTE 5660 project.

ILT Competencies: #2

Long-form team webinar: “Sound Learning with Audacity”

This was a recording of another live Zoom webinar for the Webinars & Synchronous Learning class. It was a collaboration with two of my classmates, where we discussed some basic uses of Audacity. We divided up design and delivery responsibilities and made sure we were each achieving our project milestones in a timely manner. We advertised the webinar date on Twitter to notify our participants. The presentation was created using Microsoft PowerPoint.  We practiced twice before going live in May of 2016. Each of us lead a 15 to 20 minute period of the webinar.

ILT Competencies: #2, #4, #6