Professional Work

Colorado Department of Education Early Language and Literacy Modules

This is an eLearning project I was working on initially as part of a Tech TA/graduate assistant team at the University of Colorado Denver and then later as an instructional design consultant for the Colorado Department of Education. We took a variety of early childhood education presentations from a Microsoft PowerPoint format and created 14 interactive modules using Articulate Storyline. The animated video portions were created in Moovly. Please click on the image below to view a sample module.

Starz Movie Promotions

In my previous career, I performed a variety of tasks in television production. One of my initial jobs was creating short (2 minutes or less) videos that promoted narrative films or documentaries for Starz, a premium movie channel.  The production process involved gathering media content (movie clips, music, narration, etc) and collaborating with post-production professionals to deliver promotions that gave the viewer a brief glimpse into a larger piece of work. This type of employment gave my an opportunity to not only learn about the technical aspects of video production but also the key elements in what I could use in digital storytelling.